Dževada Šuško, PhD

Dr. Dževada Šuško is director of the Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks ( which is the research institution of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was appointed as the first woman in a leading position within the Islamic Community.

dr. Dževada Šuško

She is as well Assistant professor for International Relations and teaches courses related to history, politics and society of Europe, particularly the Balkans.

Dr. Šuško grew up in Germany where she completed most of her studies in history, political science and cultural anthropology at Heidelberg and Hamburg University. Besides that, she did several studies abroad, such as in Florence, Ottawa, Ramallah and Madrid. However, her focus hasalways been Bosnia, Islam in Europe, European Muslims, particularly the Bosniaks, as well as theposition of women in society. She is the author of several book chapters and journal articles.

Currently she is working on the publication of her PhD thesis “The Issue of Loyalty: Reaction of the  Bosniaks to the Austro–Hungarian Empire (1878–1918)“. Dr. Šuško is also involved in the work of non – governmental organizations such as the Center for Advanced Studies and Center for education and research “Nahla”. Recently she was chosen by Anne Frank foundation as one of ten experts to write a common history of Yugoslavia.



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