About Institute

The Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks

The Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks is the research institution of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Institute deals with research activities related to the study of written and oral, spiritual and material tradition of Bosniaks as well as the study of the social and cultural reality of Bosniaks. Activities of the Institute are monitored by the Supervising board and Academic advisory council.


The tasks of the Institute are as follows:

  • Launching scientific research projects in the field of Bosniak Islamic tradition
  • Publishing books, and other publications independently and as co – publishers with other institutions
  • Organizing conferences, round table dicussions and lectures
  • Improving methodology and expertise in focus areas
  • Providing research assistance for local and international researchers in their research projects
  • Building up a cooperation network of scientific and expert institutions within the country and abroad

The Institute deals with following areas of research:

  1. Concept of Bosniak Islamic tradition
  2. Publishing of texts which represent the contribution of Bosniaks to Islamic sciences
  3. Religious practices of Bosniaks
  4. Demographic processes of Bosniaks
  5. Genocide – anti-islamic ideology, the destruction of Islamic architecture, Memorialisation of genocide, Islamic understanding of justice and reconciliation
  6. Bosniaks & encounter with others