On the 21st April, 2015., seminar titled How to mentor graduate students was held with the professor Jorgen S. Nielsen in the organization of the Institute for Islamic tradition of Bosniaks and Center for advanced studies.

That was an opportunity for PhDs, people with some experience in mentoring students, as well as for young associates from research institutions who will, in following period, have a role of mentor to know which techniques were used throuhgout history, and which are used today in mentoring research works.

Two afternoon sessions of the seminar, which was organized by the Institute for Islamic tradition of Bosniaks and the Center for Advanced studies in the premises of the Ghazi Husrev bey’s library, were attended by teachers, professors and associates from different universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jørgen S. NIELSEN was Professor of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen until June 2013 and, now retired, teaches part – time at the University of Birmingham, UK. He holds degrees in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies from London and a PhD in Arab history from the American University of Beirut. He was Director of the Danish Institute in Damascus and Cultural Counsellor at the Danish Embassy.

Has been a visiting professor at the universities of Copenhagen and Utrecht and a consultant to the Council of Europe and to the EU Presidency on religious minorities. Founding Trustee and Board member of the International Center for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations (IMIR), and member of the Arab Group on Christian-Muslim Dialogue. He was chief editor of the first six volumes of the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe. He has researched on Muslims and Islam in Europe, Islamic debates about religious pluralism. He is the author of a number of books and articles.