Under the patronage of Reisu-l-ulema Husein ef. Kavazović, on 11 November 2015 a public event entitled „400th Anniversary of Hasan Kafi Pruščak’s Work 1615-2015“ will be held.  

The organizers of this event are the Department of Education and Science of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Institute of Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks, Faculty of Islamic Studies and Oriental Institute.

The central part of the event is an academic conference which will bring together 18 speakers dealing with Hasan Kafi Pruščak’s life and work with a special reference to Pruščak’s most famous work  Uṣūl al-ḥikam fī niẓām al-‘ālam (Principles of Wisdom on the World Order) which the Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks will publish in cooperation El-Kalem. Finally, the event will also hold a promotion of an interactive presentation on the life of Hasan Kafi Pruščak and an exhibition of his manuscripts by Osman Lavić.

The lectures presented at this conference can be viewed here.